"Expect more than

just a timber floor"


Tree Town is an innovative company that prides itself

on being committed to delivering the complete

timber floor. Tree Town will assist you with the process

from helping you select the right type of floor to suit

your needs, through to managing and completing the

installation process. Tree Town take a wide range of

factors into consideration when customers are

choosing a new floor, such as the locality, style,

purpose, budget, and expected performance, to

enhance customer satisfaction. Tree Town offers more

than just a timber floor!


Tree Town always informs clients that it is essential

that the substructure (sub floor) is level and sound.

It is very important that the substructure or sub floor






is not subject to any movements or has no possible

areas that are attracting moisture.


Tree Town offers to repair the sub-structure if

 necessary, which could involve sanding an existing

timber sub-floor or levelling and grinding a concrete



Tree Town can make your experience more enjoyable

when purchasing a new floor by managing all your

needs in one easy transaction from purchasing the

timber selection to suit your needs, floor preparation

or levelling, installation and maintenance advice of

the timber floor.

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